What Our Clients Say

Kevin has taken my outdated website and turned it into a very polished and up to date product. All the suggestions that he gave were excellent and worked well. He has been incredibly accommodating of my requests, and has had an excellent turn around, time wise. I wouldn't hesitate to use Kevin again, and will be recommending him to others."

Shelley Reissenweber, NineDoors Pty Ltd

I contracted Kevin to develop a custom, responsive website built on Wordpress, and it was an excellent experience. He's smart, polite, responsive, and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Working with a programmer can be a leap of faith, especially when you're not very technical, but Kevin was able to translate my back-of-an-envelope ideas into a finished product quickly and efficiently. He made the process effortless!"

Hayden Jackson, Talentilo

Rachel is one of the BEST project managers I've had the privilege to work with. She is conscientious and follows up meticulously. She is a fantastic communicator. I was so pleased to support her on one of our very crucial projects, that, as projects have tendency to do, kept expanding in scope. She managed it like a pro and still got the project wrapped up well. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her in the future."

Jennifer McKay, TriNet

Kevin was wonderful to work with. He is detail oriented and thoughtful in his recommendations. Also his knowledge and development and designer skills in Divi are particularly valuable. Plus, he's very personable and easygoing, and he remained in constant communication. I will surely hire him again. I highly, highly recommend him."

Aprile Andelle, Aprileco LLC

Kevin was one of the best hires I've ever made. He is fantastic at not only completing the tasks at hand, but going beyond his call of duty and problem solving in a quick and effective manner. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again, and look forward to our next project together."

Devin Boyle, ID Digital

Kevin was great! He did a wonderful job switching my site from Blogger to Wordpress. He was an excellent communicator and was always happy to help. He's a great guy to work with!"

Jessica Cassity, The Speech Space

Kevin's very professional and guides you if you're not familiar with website related things - like I was. Great experience, very helpful. Will keep in touch."

John Pinedo, Freedom Bound Business

Kevin Price has saved me from website pandemonium twice. This second time, I needed his help to rescue a mess I made with my site, and he was able to fix it in short order. Kevin is very affable and has a charming British accent. He jumped in to help me even though he was quite busy -- somewhere he found several hours to work on my project. He is able to dig in and fix things in a way that I could not, and he does it all with a friendly and helpful attitude. He even did a couple of things to back up my site that I didn't pay him to do, because he knew it would help me out. I give him my highest possible recommendation."

Prof. Kimberly Waldron

Kevin was fantastic to work with. Quick with communication and was able to easily make the changes to my blog that I needed. Will definitely be engaging with him again in the future."

Sarah Hubler, Beauty Hub

It was fantastic to work with Kevin. Very skilled and communicative, which lead to a very successful project."

Greg Stratford, Zing Leap Marketing