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A World of Opportunity

Why Have an E-commerce Website?

Convenience reigns supreme in today’s world, so can any goods or product-based business afford to be without an e-commerce website? An online store expands a business’ product line to a potential worldwide audience of customers, with very little increase in operational costs.

A Customized, Robust Platform

Living Simplicity’s e-commerce stores are built with a powerful and reliable platform which has been well tested. It provides our clients with the flexibility to securely sell their goods, manage their own online inventories and ship products directly to customers.

With our experience in product integration, e-commerce has never been so versatile. Our e-commerce solutions also focus on usability and security. Not only will we design a professional looking e-commerce website for your business, but we will create a logical, easy-to-use functionality which enables your customers to buy quickly, and with confidence.

Living Simplicity E-Commerce

General Features

  • Integration with your current/new website
  • 100% customized look and feel
  • Payment integration
  • Real time shopping rates (UPS, Fed Ex)

User Features

  • Search feature
  • Wish list
  • Customer registration and account management
  • Email a friend

Admin Features

  • Add, edit or delete products
  • Image uploading
  • Order status management
  • Control over categories
  • Search by order or customer
  • View and edit customer profiles
  • Product cross selling
  • Ability to edit meta tags for each product page

Report Features

  • Sale by products
  • Sale by date
  • Custom report features

Our solutions fulfill all of these expectations and much more, with cost efficient operations, and the ability to build customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency.

Combining all the elements of social media, SEO, eye-catching features and designed with keyword rich content, contact us to find out how Living Simplicity can quickly grow your e-commerce website into a money-making enterprise.